Tuesday, September 18, 2012

top 884 songs of 1996, part 25

All of us are OCD. We didn't realize that by starting an arbitrary list of songs released in 1996 (during amnesia) and then (drunkenly) continuing this list one night later that we'd be triggering a psychological compulsion.

The moral of the story is that this must get finished. Like, now. (Within a week or so.) That sucks.

On the bright side, literally no one reads this shit.

#201 Spoon "All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed"

"Show me the money"

#200 MC Lyte "Cold Rock A Party"

Anytime we get unexpectedly invited to a party, we throw on this record and pump up the volumes to super-loud in celebration of our newfound social acceptance.

#199 Pearl Jam "Mankind"

Ed Vedder doesn't sing this one. It's fun for jumping around at parties, which actually happened to this song one time during high school.

#198 Polvo "Feather Of Forgiveness"

"Show me the money" - Polvo, 1996

#197 112 "Only You"

There's no room yet for the huge bangers, but these mini-dents will fit in these high placements just nicely. My poor cousin just told me all of this OUTSIDE the building.

#196 Rage Against The Machine "People Of The Sun"

You're history. Not sure why people get so down on Rage for simply making an effort to present facts and information to the public. With no bias whatsoever. None.

#195 Color Me Badd "The Earth The Sun The rain"

Somehow these guys had hits 5 years after "I Wanna Sex You Up." This was played on the radio but no one cared. God this song is awful. We are so sorry.

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