Sunday, September 23, 2012

top 884 songs of 1996, part 28 (very urgent)

The more we indulge into what was happening during the 7th full year of the 90's, the more we realize that people who get down on 1996 were probably only listening Top 40 stations. For those not in the know, which is pretty much everyone, since no one gives a fuck, 1996 is one of those years of pop music where people are like "this is the worst year of music that's ever happened," and these people can seriously eat shit.

So we'll just continue posting songs until we completely fall asleep and see how far we get...

#194 The Lemonheads "If I Could Talk"

wtf that's def Murph on the drums?! maybe not, but he's playing exactly like Murph and looks just like Murph so wtf. oh word, there's a closeup in one part and it's possibly not Murph. thats fucked up.

#193 Stone Temple Pilots "Tumble In The Rough"

This was the tour that was controversial because Weiland kept getting arrested or strung out, and they had to keep cancelling shows n stuff. Also people who are dumb usually don't like this album, and the same people usually also promote school prayer and molest babies.

#192 Nada Surf "Stalemate"

the guy who played the giant in Happy Gilmour is still alive. we like when he says "I BELIEVE THAT'S MISTER GILMOUR's."

#191 The Cardigans "Been It"

Damn, these guys have some NUTTY videos. My wife Nina is in this band... Also the bass player is among the very finest out of the "super tall bass dude" club.

#190 Porno For Pyros "Kimberly Austin"

Kinda hot in these rhinos...

#189 Aaliyah "4 Page Letter"

Love you babygirl, we won't let that punk bitch Drake get you down...

#188 Blahzay Blazhay "Danger"

Daaaaa nobody wants to play with me

#187 Silkworm "Nerves"

Goddamn the circumstances

#186 The Fu-Gees "Fu-Gee-La"

Your balls are showing.

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