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Hot Mix 2013: #60 to 51

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60. Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J “MILF”
Instead of approaching "MILF" as a sequel to "Dance(A$$)(Remix)," Sean and Nicki sorta took the route of Tommy Boy & Black Sheep, casting the same chemistry partners in a different scenario. The result is probably the weirdest love song of the year, describing the complexities of falling for a MILF. We thought the kids were singing "Man on my mama," but Rap Genius reveals it's "Man, not my mama." When the kids aren't looking, Big Sean eats their snacks. When Seany's not looking, they're peeping through the keyhole. It's implied that Nicki Minaj plays the part of the 50-something MILF on welfare with fake teeth, an interesting twist that would fit more typically in a bizarre Sundance Festival film than within modern hiphop.

59. Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller “The Way”
For some reason, "the song on the summer" seemed to have been emphasized through internet and radio marketing more so than in previous summers, and "The Way" def wins for top 5 summer 2013 jams, beating out "Blurred Lines" by a long shot. Thicke's and Pharrell's interpolation of "Got To Give It Up" didn't add as much sweetness (and dopeness, frankly) as Ariana's triple-thick frosting spread over the "Still Not A Playa" cupcake. By the time April showers turned to July thundershowers, "The Way" became inescapable and familiar enough to remove her Mariah similarities from the equation, embodying the jam entirely, and significantly upping the ante from Thalia and Fat Joe's interpolation ten years prior.

58. Krill “Never a Joke”
Apart from having one of the catchiest earworm-basslines of the year, "Never a Joke" derives from the LP that spawned this historic blurb from our staff writers: When your path crosses Krill getting wasted in the gutter, they won't shout expletives at you or ask for change. They might not even want your attention. But if you give them 3 minutes, you'll be in on the joke. Despite its endearing wit, this record's enormity never quits. Bummer slack. Stay in bed for a week. Some of those caterwauls might be hiccups. - Staff writers.

57. Cultes des Ghoules “The Passion of a Sorcereess”
The song title suggests witchcraft, but we're hearing Satanic stews a-brewin'. Right when “Sorceress” hits the throttle within its first minute, the rhythm section and guitars quickly lose any sense of synchronicity, suggesting stumblingly drunk raw power. Halfway through, Fred Phelps (or someone) condemns the heathens just before a monstrously thrashy riff brings it home for 4 or 5 minutes, only occasionally joined by Cultes' vocalist, scream-laughing while shoveling the non-believer souls into the eternal incinerator.

56. Jay-Z featuring Rick Ross “Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit”

We're happy to announce this as the first Hot Mix since 2009 with no Drake. Praise the Lord. (Unless you wanna count the cliched Drake-influenced bassline in this surprisingly chill banger.)

55. Vanessa Paradis “Love Song”
Yeah, we simply dug the song and assumed she was a more recent breaking artist, but it turns out she's been releasing shit since the late 80s and is famous enough to have dated Johnny Depp for something like 12 years (and bore his child). But whether or not she's an officially certified celeb makes little difference to Hot Mix 2013. The reason "Love Song" made the cut has everything to do with the boner-generating bouncy bass line and faux-untrained whispery vocal delivery, falling somewhere between two French vocalists who we can't completely pin down at the moment, so let's just go with Serge Gainsborg and France Gall. Sure, why not...

54. Action Bronson & Party Supplies “Contemporary Man”
A less adventurous pairing of DJ & Rapper might have split this into 5 or 6 separate jams. Leave it to Party Supplies to make good on his chosen DJ name, serving up mostly familiar samples from more unexpectedly uncovered areas of 80s MTV than Puff Daddy's first solo record...
- “Sledgehammer”: Officially certified monster sample. Who knew?
- “Sussudio”: Always reliable as one of the all time so-bad-it's-good ironic bangers, but sounding way more enormous in this context, only slightly chopped & screwed. (Sounds like he lowered the turntable speed a bit.)
- “Jack & Diane”: Sampled tastefully enough to make up for Jessica Simpson's abysmal “I Think I'm In Love” almost entirely. Almost.
- “Another Day in Paradise”: The biggest surprise of all, since we've never liked this song, but now we sneak it onto our Spotify playlists when no one's looking. That's the positive power of Party Supplies. Guilty pleasures don't exist? Pshh.
- The fifth sample: Not sure what song this is, but Bronson's double-tracked once-sung refrain sets up the pins nicely for the mini-verse of dopeness that follows.
- The last sample: A weird finale, but sometimes serious ragers come to strange conclusions. Hey, that's party life.

53. Nelly featuring Nicki Minaj & Pharrell “Get Like Me”
Throwing some Minaj into the mixture was a nice touch, but not enough to launch “Get Like Me” into its well deserved placement within the Top 40 stratosphere. Most fans of Pharrell who've been awaiting some sort of Neptunes resurgence probably expected it to sound like this song, as opposed to his two genuine summer 2013 megahits. Under normal circumstances (if Top 40 radio hadn't completely turned to shit over the past 2-3 years), “Get Like Me” could have easily fit into heavy rotation. Unfortunately, Nelly and Pharrell shot for an era of nostalgia that wasn't marketable in 2013, with a beat that was dope as hell, albeit less than immediate. There's always next summer.

52. My Bloody Valentine “If I Am”
The past few years have been rough times for the most mysterious rock stars. Since Loveless, Kevin Shields remained elusive as his records grew more legendary, only intensified as the years progressed without a follow up. By the time it was finally released, MBV arrived long after legend-debunking trolls began fueling an age of anti-mystique, discouraging mystery and legend, suddenly placing every article and interview piece very close by to anyone with access to Google searches. The intensely layered guitar jings and effects pedal filtering transcends past the debunkers, preserving the mystique required for their sparkly brand of spacewarp. We're also guessing the last 15 seconds of this song are everything that precedes played backwards.

51. Daft Punk featuring Pharrell “Get Lucky (Radio Edit)”
Ten years on, the phenomenon of the unclassifiable indie/R&B/hiphop crossover continues, following a decent lineage of songs that typically place at #1 on Spin Magazine's favorite singles of the year: “Hey Ya,” “Feel Good Inc,” “Crazy,” “Paper Planes,” and “Fuck You.” This time around, it only makes sense for EDM to fall somewhere into this crossover equation, nicely laying down the red carpet just in time for “Get Lucky” to take the world by storm. After quickly getting suckered into its brilliant marketing campaign, many of us assumed throughout May and June that “Get Lucky” was the bees knees of summer jams. While this assumption failed to hold water, it's still dope enough to qualify as “essential summer 2013” (far more so than “Blurred Lines” or “Applause”) and the best song from a slightly disappointing albeit decent record. (LP version is about 2 minutes too long. Radio edit wins.) P.S. “Song of the summer” seems to have turned into an annoying internet marketing phrase. Expect an attempt to repeat of this next year with similar-sounding dancey stuff.

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