Sunday, October 5, 2014

[adult swim] spreads the Fox Diarrhea

Congrats to [adult swim] for receiving the extra hour or 2 at the start of their block. The new 8:00PM launch has given these guys far more freedom, no longer bound by restraints imposed by advertisers who want more and more blocks of what was referred to in a recent facebook comment as Fox Diarrhea. (We're not sure who made this up, but it perfectly sums up [as]'s 10:00PM to midnight block.

We're taking a look at their current schedule, and there's so many new shows that are getting used to actually BREAK UP and spread out the diarrhea. So like, they'll start out with a King of the Hill block (sure, why not) which is unexpectedly followed by something that isn't Family Guy, namely a block of Bob's Burgers followed by Rick and Morty.

This then gives their programmers the ability to show weirder 15-minute shows earlier. On a good night, they won't immediately resort to Robot Chicken reruns and instead pump out some new jams: We're not totally familiar with all of these, but it looks like 11:30 to 1:30 is now an entire 2-hour block of weird new stuff: Mr. Pickles, Squidbillies, Black Jesus, Eric Andre, Loiter Squad, and Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories followed by a classic Tim & Eric before showing the same Rick & Morty from earlier (which is actually a way better time slot than right before a full hour of Family Guy).

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