Monday, October 6, 2014

here's why the 2010s are a bad time for a Twin Peaks reboot

Because of fucking spoilers, that's why. Duh. If it won't be on TV until two years from now, then why did we need to know this today? So much can happen between now and 2016. The entire thing might get shitcanned for all we know.

2 or 3 or 8 or 13 months from now, we would really strongly prefer to not hear rumors about James Franco and Jonah Hill and McLovin being added to the extensive list of cameos or whatever the fuck. We don't want the internet buzz and our Facebook feeds ruining this for everyone, like how it ruined the finale of Dexter Season 4. What a bunch of bullshit that was. We don't want to know who will be in the cast or ANYTHING about the plot until we see the show for ourselves. Will Loglady be there? Let's find out in 2016.

It it oldtimer-talk to suggest that TV was better when Facebook feeds and competitive click-bait-worthy headlines didn't spoil literally everything? We want to walk into this series fresh, just like the first time around, without any expectations. The buzzy-headline of Lynch even working on production for this thing is a fucking spoiler in itself.

By the time this show actually happens, there will have been a solid decade with nothing new from David Lynch, and almost two entire years will pass between the present and the series premiere. Due to this enormous gap of time, it will be nearly impossible to avoid a massive spoiler campaign without committing some misdemeanor that gets you locked into prison between now and the day before the series launch.

Prove us wrong please.

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