Friday, April 10, 2015

"Asshole" & "One Foot In The Grave"

We kinda forgot the Tibetan Freedom Concerts were ever a thing. We feel like they were considered a huge deal at the time, but they were kinda completely forgotten by the time the late 2000s happened. Instead, people remember Woodstock '94 and Woodstock '99, which were both kinda horrible concerts with shit line-ups aside from the obvious highlights: Green Day, NIN, Porno For Pyros and Blind Melon in '94, and Rage in '99. Aside from Rage, '99 particularly strikes us as our choice for probably the worst rock concert or festival that ever happened, with neither show coming anywhere close to matching what appeared to be a relatively peaceful experience in 1969 (brown acid notwithstanding).

Also, festivals typically traveled during the '90s, like Warped Tour which started during the early '90s and still returns every summer to this day. But the Tibetan Freedom shows were standalone single-weekend affairs, similar to the Woodstocks and the big corporate festivals of present-day. As far as festivals in the '90s are concerned, the first two Tibetan Freedom shows ('96 in San Francisco and '97 in NYC) were probably the closest the '90s ever got to aligning with the peaceful drugged-out atmosphere of the original Woodstock.

We think Beck's performance of "Asshole" would have fit right in (and kicks serious ass compared to John Sebastian and Country Joe).

We have our hopes up that Beck will plan at least one acoustic tour sometime soon, with setlists heavily saturated in One Foot In The Grave and Mutations era.

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