Thursday, April 16, 2015


Everyone loves a fun Top 10 list. Mick's Picks Vol 1 (2005) was recently re-discovered on and we're not gonna post that here because it's not very good. Mick's Picks Vol 2 (2012) is on Lowt Ide's bandcamp.

For the third installment of Mick's Picks, we'll be observing the 10 best songs of Lowt Ide that are shorter than 60 seconds.

#1 "The Trashcan Song"
We don't actually know the real name of this song, but it used to play at Crown Marquis before the movie would start, as a hand would reach over and dump out the trash.

#2 "The Hymn of Healing"
A fan favorite.

#3 "Come Scab (Theme from "Afro Beach")"
The theme song to a show from the early '70s where 7 brothers lived on the beach and they all had really large hair like The Jackson 5.

#4 "I Got Judd in My Bones"

#5 "Creep"
Cover of the song by Stone Temple Pilots.

#6 "The Hymn for Free MP3 Download"
They were all really excited on TBN, jumping up and down and the preacher was really intense with mullet juice.

#7 "Captain Lou Albano Moved to Iraq So He Could Get Shot"
A true story about one night in New Haven, but we're not sure what year because we don't think Pedro's Animal and Hour Zero existed at the same time so I guess it was not a true story.

#8 "Fuck I Just Ran Over a School Kid"
Someone called and the caller ID said "Guy Charles" and this was the conversation.

#9 "Poem"
This is a cover by a band called Taproot that used to get played on K-Rock, and we thought it was annoying so we did our own version.

#10 "Second Chance"
Same deal as song #9. I think the original version is by Shinedown? That sounds right.

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