Thursday, April 16, 2015

that dude with the weird eye

We are horrible. This guy has so much going for him. His romantic song "Trap Queen" totally went to #4. That means his song was the 4th biggest song in the United States not long ago. And yet, we are just really shitty scummy horrible people because we googled "what's the deal with that dude's weird eye?" Okay we actually didn't, but just imagine we did. But even if we did, it should matter more that his song went to #4. Not many artists with only one big hit can claim that they peaked at #4. We feel like "Paper Planes" probably peaked at #4. And after searching Wikipedia, it turns out that we remembered correctly. That's kinda pathetic, but not quite as pathetic as wondering about this dude's weird eye. We're very sorry. The song is what matters most. Not the eye. We also tagged "dirty south" for this post even though he's from New Jersey. We're fucking up a lot here.

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