Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vid Kids 2015 #0: Kendrick Lamar "Alright"

Very few "Best Videos of 2015" lists that we could locate offered much variety. ("Feeling Myself" is in pretty much all of them even though it's not really all that different from most of Beyonce's other videos from the past 3 years.) The majority of these lists (possibly all of them) properly included "Alright." We wanted to include "For Free" because it's a great video that didn't appear on ANY of these lists. And we really wanted Rihanna at #1. However, this leaves us with the unfortunate task of figuring out how to still ensure that "Alright" is not forgotten. Placing the video at "number zero" probably doesn't sound very impressive to most people. But rest assured, zero is the hero.

There's a lot to say about "Alright," and it's been reviewed so many times in the past 4 weeks that it's pointless to add much beyond these two notes:

#1 Back in March, we posted a call to action requesting the return of upside down rappers. And then two months later, Kendrick not only answers our fucking prayers but places it into probably the best upside-down rapper video ever made.

#2 The cinematography in this is SO right on - the best in a hiphop video since "99 Problems" - but we haven't seen it praised elsewhere. (Perhaps it was so obvious that it wasn't worth mentioning.)

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