Monday, June 11, 2018

Straight Fire 2017: The Big List

It's a big day for a big big list.

Why don't music blogs ever have a separate section where their whole end of year list is neatly laid out like this?

Spotify is satanic. Here's the Spotify playlist with all 200 songs plus the best videos and unearthed jams.

200. Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like” / “Versace On The Floor”
199. Childish Gambino “Redbone”
198. Fergie f/ Nicki Minaj “You Already Know”
197. Queens of the Stone Age “The Evil Has Landed”
196. Body Count “No Lives Matter”
195. Tyler, The Creator “Glitter” / Tyler The Creator “November”
194. Margo Price & Willie Nelson “Learning to Lose”
193. Andrea Pensado “Rondo con Andreita”
192. Weezer “La Mancha Screwjob”
191. Alex G “Sportstar”
190. Freddie Gibbs “Phone Lit”
189. Cloakroom “Gone But Not Entirely”
188. DiCaprio “Pink Noise”
187. Weaves “Walkaway”
186. Leikeli47 “Elian’s Revenge”
185. Tera Melos “Warpless Run”
184. TLC “Way Back”
183. Ty Dolla $ign “Droptop in the Rain”
182. The Underachievers “Crescendo”
181. Nelly Furtado “Pipe Dreams”
180. Jesca Hoop “The Lost Sky”
179. Shinichi Atobe “Regret”
178. David Nance “More Than Enough (Reprise)”
177. Midnight “Melting Brain”
176. Now Now “Yours”
175. Big Freedia & Mannie Fresh “Dive”
174. The Darkness “All The Pretty Girls” / The Darkness “Solid Gold”
173. Maneka “Tiger Baby (feat. Jordyn Blakely)”
172. Strange Relations “Say You”
171. Jason Loewenstein "Navigate"
170. Citris “Little Scars”
169. Rae Sremmurd “Perplexing Pegasus”
168. Radioactivity “Infected”
167. Ravyn Lenae “Sticky”
166. Chicago Afrobeat Project “No Bad News”

165. Ryan Power “The Cavalry”
164. Headroom “How To Grow Evil Flowers”
163. Tera Melos “Don’t Say I Know”
162. Code Orange “Kill the Creator”
161. Pile “Texas”
160. Two Inch Astronaut “Snitch Jacket”
159. Miguel “Harem”
158. DiCaprio “Ectoslavia”
157. Ariel Pink “Time To Meet Your God”
156. YG “Fuck It Up”
155. C Struggs “Go To Jesus”
154. Migos “Call Casting”
153. N.E.R.D. f/ Gucci Man & Wale “Voila”
152. Dreamdecay “Ian”
151. Palehound “Room”
150. Leikeli47 “Money”
149. Maren Morris "Sugar" / Maren Morris “Rich”
148. Lil Yachty f/ Young Thug “On Me”
147. Elder “Blind”
146. Selena Gomez “Bad Liar”
145. Liars “Cred Woes”
144. WV White “Broken Arm”
143. Potty Mouth “Twisted”
142. MOZART “Love Knows No Bounds”
141. Ty Dolla $ign “Message In A Bottle”
140. Charli XCX f/ Carly Rae Jepsen "Backseat"
139. Weaves “#53”
138. 03 Greedo “Mafia Business”
137. Vince Staples “745”
136. Dua Lipa f/ Miguel “Lost In Your Light”
135. Palberta “Pick Up The Phone”
134. Tyler The Creator “I Ain’t Got Time”
133. Squidnice “Trap By My Lonely”
132. Alex G “Guilty”
131. Lil Pump f/ 2 Chainz “Iced Out” / Lil Pump “Gucci Gang”

130. Paramore "Hard Times" / New Found Glory “The Sound Of Two Voices”
129. Carly Rae Jepsen “Cut To The Feeling”
128. Jay-Z “Marcy Me”
127. Gnarwhal “Marathon Ripper”
126. Julia Michael “Uh Huh”
125. Kendrick Lamar f/ U2 “XXX. FEAT. U2.”
124. Palehound “Flowing Over”
123. Maneka “Dracula (feat. Katie Capri)”
122. Omar Souleyman “Behdemi Nami”
121. Mac Demarco “My Old Man”
120. Nelly Furtado “Cold Hard Truth”
119. Palberta “Trick Ya” / Palberta "Jaws"
118. Lil B “Global (feat. Ilovemakonnen)”
117. Ride “Charm Assault”
116. Quicksand “Illuminant”
115. Thundercat f/ Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins “Show You The Way”
114. Mount Eerie “Real Death”
113. Charly Bliss “Black Hole”
112. Yo Gotti f/ Nicki Minaj “Rake It Up”
111. Charlotte Gainsbourg “Deadly Valentine”
110. Ovlov “Halfway Fine (Live at Little Elephant)”
109. Broken Social Scene “Halfway Home”
108. Alex G “Powerful Man”
107. Lil Yachty “FYI (Know Now)”
106. Kamasi Washington “Truth”
105. Brockhampton “Boogie”
104. Homeshake “Every Single Thing”
103. Yaeji "Drink I'm Sippin' On"
102. Grandaddy “That’s What You Get for Gettin’ Outta Bed”
101. Real Estate “Darling”

100. Snoop Dogg f/ Redman, Method Man & B-Real “Mount Kushmore”
99. The New Pornographers “High Ticket Attractions”
98. Sevyn Streeter “Before I Do”
97. Homeshake “Getting Down Pt II (He’s Cooling Down)”
96. Sorry “Lies”
95. Broken Hope “The Meek Shall Inherit Shit”
94. Endless Boogie “Back In ‘74”
93. Power Trip “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of The Axe)”
92. Kehlani “Distraction”
91. Tony Allen “On Fire”
90. Aaron Dilloway “Karaoke with Cal”
89. Gnarwhal “Driveway”
88. Electric Wizard “Mourning Of The Magicians"
87. Miguel “Pineapple Skies”
86. The Rubs “Too Young For Me”
85. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile “Let It Go”
84. Aimee Mann “Goose Snow Cone”
83. Sheer Mag “Need to Feel Your Love”
82. Homeshake “So She”
81. Midnight “Here Comes Sweet Death”
80. Palehound “If You Met Her”
79. Heele "Oncoming Wave"
78. Quicksand “Normal Love”
77. Charly Bliss “Westermarck”
76. Elder “The Falling Veil”
75. Lil B “Ride (Hold Up)”
74. N.E.R.D. “Secret Life Of Tigers”
73. Cloakroom “Seedless Star”
72. Alex G “Judge”
71. Jorja Smith x Preditah “On My Mind”

70. Ariel Pink “Bubblegum Dreams”
69. Migos “Stir Fry”
68. Cannibal Corpse “Code of the Slashers”
67. I Hate Sex “And Yet It Moves”
66. Homeshake “Khmlwugh”
65. No Age “Soft Collar Fad”
64. Maren Morris “I Could Use a Love Song”
63. David Nance “Cruel Kind of Love”
62. The Rubs “Amy”
61. Grandaddy “I Don’t Wanna Live Here Anymore”
60. Nnamdi Ogonnaya “let gO Of my egO”
59. Lil B “Bad Mf”
58. Leikeli47 “Miss Me”
57. Nelly Furtado “Live”
56. Animal Collective “Kinda Bonkers”
55. Aye Nako “The Gift of Hell”
54. Kelela “LMK”
53. Good Morning “Oppsie”
52. Maneka “Power (feat. Katie Capri)”
51. Lil Peep f/ Lil Tracy “Awful Things”
50. David Nance “River With No Color”
49. Jason Loewenstein “Machinery”
48. Lil Yachty “Priorities” / Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof”
47. Lil B “Ain’t Me”
46. Syd “Insecurities”
45. Mahmundi “Imagem”
44. GoldLink f/ Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy “Crew”
43. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile “Over Everything”
42. Mount Eerie “Ravens”
41. Cloakroom “The Sun Won’t Let Us Go”

40. Lil B “Free Life” / Lil B “Wasup JoJo” / Lil B ”Hip Hop”
39. PRETTYMUCH f/ French Montana “No More”
38. Sheer Mag “Suffer Me”
37. BEAK> “Sex Music”
36. Playboi Carti "Magnolia" / Lil Uzi Vert “XO Tour Llif3”
35. Code Orange “Bleeding In The Blur”
34. Nelly Furtado “Paris Sun”
33. Kendrick Lamar “FEAR.”
32. Maren Morris “My Church”
31. The Rubs “Wrong/Right Girl” / The Rubs “Wrap My Life”
30. LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE “Girl Front”
29. Charli XCX “Boys”
28. Alex G “Brick”
27. Jute Gyte "Mice Eating Gold"
26. Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie “In My World”
25. Winter “Jaded”
24. Lil Yachty “Lady in Yellow”
23. Gnarwhal “Light-Up City”
22. Guided By Voices “Overloaded”
21. Rico Nasty “Block List”

20. Charli XCX “Track 10”
19. Otoboke Beaver “Love Is Short” / Otoboke Beaver “Introduce me to your family”
18. Charly Bliss “Glitter”
17. Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile “Continental Breakfast"
16. Horisont “Electrical”
15. Elder “Sanctuary”
14. Aye Nako “Particle Mace”
13. N*E*R*D f/ Andre 3000 “Rollinem 7s”
12. Xetas “The Gaze”
11. Nelly Furtado “Magic”
10. Electric Wizard “See You In Hell”
09. (Sandy) Alex G “Bobby”
08. Maren Morris “80s Mercedes”
07. Big Thief “Mythological Beauty”
06. Migos “T-Shirt”
05. David Nance “Silver Wings”
04. The Rubs “Impossible Dream” / The Rubs “Emily”
03. N*E*R*D f/ Rihanna “Lemon”
02. (Sandy) Alex G “Proud”
01. Lil Yachty “Bring It Back”

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