Monday, June 20, 2011

"Doctors In My Bed"

Thanks to Yuck, we didn't have to wait any longer for those (possibly abandoned) Japandroids singles to hear a few awesome b-sides in 2011.. This new track is loud and sugary sweet.

So besides Yuck and Japandroids, along with Ringo Deathstarr, Smith Westerns and No Age, we're feverishly sifting through the blogosphere for more of this kind of stuff.. guitar-based loud rock with pop melodies and optional fuzz/distortion .. We know they're out there..

Also searching for random awesome singles.. The only ones that have made any impact on us as of late are "Rope" from Foo Fighters and Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night.." We're missing the days when there were tons of awesome singles to get excited about.. That's what summer jams are all about, and yet there's kind of a singles drought at the moment.. We need summer singles. Now.

Yeah anyway, here's the new Yuck b-side...

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