Monday, June 20, 2011

sadness in South Park

South Park Studios currently lists 11.16.11 as the final episode for this year, and possibly the final episode of the series, if news reports and the recent direction of the show is proving accurate. It's not often that a cliffhanger suggests the end of a series in the last episode of the 2nd-to-last season (although I suspect that someone like Oprah might have done that, since she made a big deal about the end of her series super-fucking early.. like over a year in advance if I'm not mistaken).

Anyway, we're saddened by the news, suggested by Trey & Matt plainly within the dialog of "You're Getting Old." It's not on the website for streaming at the moment, so we don't have exact quotes, but it included lots of the typical stuff we've heard on other shows as they're coming to a close: "How much longer can we do the same thing every week?" And the question remains, why bother making fun of everything in current pop culture when it's all shit anyway?

And just a quick aside, I do strongly disagree that becoming super critical and "negative" is a cultural thing that happens to people when they get old. It's 2011 - there is no generation gap anymore. Old people listen to rap. Kids listen to Zeppelin. I've heard of cases where families gather around to watch Teen Mom marathons. That's not a generation gap; that's just an example of people who love watching exceptionally shitty TV shows. There's plenty of great current film and music and TV shows to go around. But the best songs right now are not charting on Billboard.. The best movies are not the big box office blockbusters.. And the most creative shows on TV are ALL on Cartoon Network. This doesn't make anyone who agrees "old." Bruno Mars and guido-douche-party dubstep actually IS incredibly awful music..

It took me a minute to figure out why "Landslide" was used in the outro montage, but the lyrics seem to sum up what I'm assuming Matt & Trey are feeling regarding the show.. We've been counting on them for years to make sure they stopped before it turned into a shitpile like what happened with The Simpsons, who left behind a legacy of brilliance only to have it trampled to death by about 10 straight seasons of horrible cliches... So the pending South Park finale is actually a positive thing in this respect.

Also thanks is in order for actually saving one of the songs that got fucked in the ass by Glee.. At least Rumours now has 1 song that was used on TV in a tasteful manner this year...

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