Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Nirvana product arriving in time for Xmas again

The Nevermind Boxed Set due in late September will be including 4 CD's of songs that we've probably all heard many MANY times.. However, the possibility still remains that a few songs have been lingering in the vaults still unearthed...

The announcement includes the following info on the tracklisting: "rarities, B-sides, unreleased recordings, and BBC radio appearances." Many possibilities remain open for where this could lead...

#1 "BBC radio appearances" is the easiest of these to figure out... There were 3 Peel sessions, which equals 11 songs, and the Goodier sessions, all of which were on Incesticide except for that badass loud version of "Something In The Way" ...

So that's 15 songs right there... likely comprising 1 of the 4 discs. If I was in charge of how to market Nirvana's legacy, I would have released these 15 songs as a "Nirvana Live At the BBC" disc years ago, but Courtney Love is a fucking retard who has no concept of anything, so we're stuck with these songs on yet another boxed set, with many of these exact recordings redundant with tracks that appeared on With The Lights Out and Incesticide.

#2 "Unreleased recordings" is probably just going to equate to more of the same bullshit demos that were thrown onto WTLO... "Holy shit, it's another acoustic version of Lithium?! Please excuse me while I rub one out." Do they seriously expect us to be impressed by MORE of these things? We really don't want anymore shit-quality demos and acoustic bedroom recordings. Enough please.

#3 "B-Sides and rarities" is the only part of this that poses any interest to us... The B-sides on the 2004 boxed set were all "remixed" for some reason... For example, the quiet laughing just before the intro of "Curmudgeon" was removed.. Kurt's minor coughing fit before the 2nd verse of "Return Of The Rat" was also removed. Things like that piss us right the fuck off. What right does anyone have to remove parts of the recordings that were more than likely something the band wanted to include?

The Nevermind box gives another opportunity to present these B-Sides and rarities correctly, the way they were originally intended.

#4 We're hoping for weird covers. And there's a LOT of these that haven't yet been released officially.

#5 We're hoping for more noisy jams along the lines of "Endless Nameless." In fact, an entire disc titled "The Endless Nameless sessions" would probably be our favorite CD of Nirvana material released since In Utero. Keep dreamin'?

#6 We're also hoping for something that will almost absolutely NOT be included, since Nirvana boxed sets are supposed to be a celebration of all things Kurt Cobain, but it was during the Nevermind sessions that Dave Grohl recorded most of the songs on the Pocketwatch tape. Such as this one...

Awesome stuff that deserves inclusion since it was recorded by a member of the fucking band during the exact time Nevermind was getting put together... But Courtney would never agree to it because she needs more oxycontin.

Besides that, we just want stuff we haven't heard before.. Courtney claimed many times that there are original recordings and covers that have yet to appear on anything. She has probably been full of shit this whole time, but now is her chance to finally show the world that the vaults were actually worth the lawsuits and embarrassment.

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