Thursday, June 30, 2011

New info on Earl Sweatshirt

I was listening to "Couch" the other day and for a moment it struck me as possibly my favorite song of 2010 even though that was probably irrational thinking.. (It came in at #42 on our 2010's Greatest Hits thing..) This is the kind of stuff I think we were all hoping to hear on Goblin. I know Tyler isn't a huge fan of the backpacker 90's shit (and we feel this sentiment) but there are certain moments from that era (mostly the ones mentioned in our recent 90's Jams list: 93 Til Infinity, Blue Flowers, Electric Relaxation, etc) which have that laid-back and playful fucking-around-in-the-studio attitude which you just don't hear as often these days, or at least not with such accidental genius as what's heard here..

"Couch" has also been specifically mentioned by Tyler on his twitter, a few times in the past month or so, as the one specific song that he has trouble listening to as a result of one of his best buds getting taken away from him... Pitchfork posted some more rumors and speculation last week regarding his whereabouts and why he's stuck overseas...

Later, referring directly to the New Yorker article, Craven wrote, "If it says hes there willingly then they are wrong." He also implies that Earl's music is the only thing that got him sent to the Academy.

The implication that a teenager could be sent to a boarding school just for wanting to be a rapper seems somewhat far-fetched, but if that's the reality of why he's there, I do feel really sorry for him.. He'll be turning 18 in February, and the article makes it sound like he'll be wasting no time after leaving school and will get right back into making music again.. I've heard a lot of people mention disdain for Odd Future due to Tyler coming off as an asshole (one of my favorite things about him), and Goblin's uncompromising nature hasn't really been helping matters. On the other hand, Earl is far more accessible. I can't see any reason why he shouldn't become one of music's most respected rappers in a few years time.

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