Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2000 Jams from the 2000's

This might be a good day to start this. Motivation is dwindling again. Hopefully something like this will rejuvenate our interest and spark some inspiration.

We've been getting the urge to post about certain topics, but then finding that other web sources have already done a better job than we could ever do. Not much purpose to treading those waters. However, this very moment - as the current decade is now 33% complete - is probably a decent enough time to post our 2000's Jams. It's been a long time coming... We expected it to happen about two years ago, after completing "90 Jams from the 90's" in spring of 2011. "2000's guilt" happened very quickly in August 2011, followed by November/December 2011's "80's guilt," and a Hunter S. Thompson inspired (drunken/drugged-up) 1996 countdown last fall.

So here's the rules:

#1 This will probably not actually be a list of 2000 songs. We just like the title.
#2 50 words or less per entry, in an effort to keep things moving as quickly as possible.
#3 Within this list, "2000's" specifically refers to the decade starting on Jan 1st 2000 and ending on Dec 31st 2009. All music released on an album or single within that 10-year span is eligible for inclusion. So like, "Big Pimpin'" and "Say My Name" and "Still DRE" could have made it here if we felt as strongly about those songs as some people do, even though all three were first released during the fall of 1999. (P.S. None of these made the cut.) "Shine Blockas" and "Lemonade," however, were released late-2009, only to have their infamy cemented during 2010. (Either of these might have had a shot.)

Good luck!

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