Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2000's Jams (+5): Squarepusher "My Red Hot Car" (2001)

MATH MAT HMA THM ATH MA TH. Chopped some samples into pieces and placed them out of order, but not in the theme-and-variations type of arrangement one might expect from Photek or Richard D James, but rather in a similar structure to something on Instrumental Gems from the 60's. And yes, we're suggesting that if technology had enabled IDM to exist in the 60's, "My Red Hot Car" is more-or-less (structurally) what it might have sounded like. (And it might have even charted. This shit is catchy!)

Kinda bummed that the Go Plastic version never received a video... Honestly, we didn't realize there was more than one version of this song. (The version we like has a trippy super-quiet bleeps and bloops section at the end that one might only be able to hear after turning up the car stereo volume to its maximum.) Below we've posted two versions... The LP version that we love, and an alternate single version called "Girl" with a trippy fan-made video...

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