Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best Music Videos Of 2009: #3 MGMT "Kids"

Okay, torturing this poor little kid is kinda uncool. I'm sure most of us have a similar reaction while watching this video.. But here's the thing. I feel for this kid, because my parents used to pull the same bullshit with me because they thought it was funny. They think I forgot that stuff 25 years later, but I haven't. There was some black lady on the cover of TV Guide that I thought was scary, and so instead of hiding the picture, they use it to play games with me and challenge my fear threshold, just for their own amusement. Or after I saw the "Thriller" video for the first time.. I literally ran out of the room screaming. I may as well have pissed myself in fear. This was at my grandparents house, where they had cable. But back home, I was protected by the safety of no cable TV connections. However, that didn't stop my dad from trying to impersonate Michael Jackson's cat eyes by lifting his eyebrows and looking down, so that only the whites were visible, not unlike the eyes from Evil Dead 2. This normally would get me screaming and running away as fast as I could. And it affected my dreams, as I recall waking up around age 4 from a dream when my mom was possessed with only whites in her eyes and a big scary smile on her face. It was horrifying. This shit fucks kids up. I'm living proof, goddamnit.

But in the case of "Kids," it was for the sake of art, so yeah.. Good video. He'll get over it.

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