Thursday, December 10, 2009

Village Voice "50 Worst Songs Of The 00's"

Maura Johnston and Christopher R. Weingarten have started posting their mostly on-target "50 Worst Songs Of The 00's" list in their Village Voice blog. It's kind of difficult to figure out how to navigate through the entire thing, but if you feel like checking it out here's the link.

Included at #25 is "Heart Songs," the final cut from Weezer's 3rd self-titled album (nicknamed by Weezer themselves as "The Red Album"). Maladroit is the last Weezer LP I've heard in full, so this was my first listen through "Heart Songs." It's quite unfortunately a new snake-like low for Rivers Cuomo, as difficult as this may be to perceive seeing as how "We Are All On Drugs" wasn't just a bad dream. I never imagined a band could break my heart in the way that Weezer has.

But anyway, if you're up for checking out the worst Weezer song ever recorded (which is hardly a song, in all honesty), the track can be found at this link, along with a short review.

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