Monday, December 7, 2009

"Best Of 2009" coming this week


Usually Taste My Kids holds off on "best of the year" festivities until January, but there are several reasons why it's coming super early this year..

1. 2009 albums were such a tearful bummer that there doesn't seem to be much point in waiting any longer. If anything truly outstanding shows up between now and January 1st, throwing it into the "best of 2010" list shouldn't make a huge difference since it will be mostly enjoyed next year anyway. (Singles and album tracks were great as always, and so "best songs" will be up in January.)

2. The "90's guilty pleasure singles" list that's been sitting around for the past 2 years needs to finally see the light of day sometime soon, and getting "best of the year" stuff out of the way now will make room for starting this as early as next week.

So a few of the 2009 lists will possibly be posted as early as later this afternoon. "30 nice albums" and "20 worst songs" will likely be up within the next week. "10 guilty pleasure singles" and "10 roffles" will be up during December. "60 best songs" and "12 best movies" will be up in January. Don't expect much content this year. 2009 music was not incredibly inspiring.

And depending on the excitement levels, the HUGE "90's guilty pleasure singles" feature might begin later this week.

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