Thursday, April 1, 2010

90's Guilty Pleasures #5: Limp Bizkit "Nookie" (1999)

This entry was originally supposed to be for "Re-Arranged," because of its decent bassline. "Break Stuff" was also considered for similar reasons to why "Nookie" ended up winning, but from what I can tell, "Nookie" is more embarrassing simply based on its TERRIBLE refrain.. specifically rhyming "nookie" with "cookie." Jesus...

Since their breakthrough, The Durst has remained one of modern rock's most compelling fixtures, as most view him as a complete jerk with a terrible singing voice, advocating misogyny and creating music with a specific niche in mind, that being music for SUV-driving meatheads. His extreme "jerk superstar" status places him on a shortlist of celebs alongside Axl Rose, P Diddy, Eminem and Dr. Dre. As a songwriter, his pop tenancies helped to give a bad name for the term "rap-metal," essentially creating a mockery of early 90's classics such as Public Enemy & Anthrax's "Bring The Noise" collaboration, Faith No More's "Epic," and Rage Against The Machine's first album.

The singles were also incredibly hooky & poppy party nu-metal, with various guitar-weirdness thanks to Wes Borland helping to keep things interesting.. And the guitar parts in "Nookie" are no exception. And in the tradition of Vanilla Ice, so-bad-its-good rapping on a hit single is pretty much the definition of fun.. although that should be "fun" in quotes, signifying some hardcore irony.

Try and pause the video on Wes Borland's face at 2:08.. Definitely the best part...

Limp Bizkit "Re-Arranged" (1999) Youtube

Limp Bizkit "Break Stuff" (1999) Youtube

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