Monday, April 26, 2010

To Back-Up or Not?? "Quitters Raga" & "Take That"

Here's 2 videos I just found this morning, and I'm pretty sure they're both fucking retarded awesome, but I'm not 100% sure just yet... What I'm loving about both is I'm pretty sure they were both highly influenced by drug experimentation... (perhaps try watching the videos first before reading my reviews... I wouldn't want to skew anyone's opinion prior to their first viewing of these...)

First up is "Quitters Raga" by Gold Panda. Imagine the weirdest song from Aphex Twin's Richard D James LP getting remixed by Animal Collective and licensed for a 2-minute commercial for Urban Outfitters (or American Apparel, whatever..). There's far too many "cute" or "good-looking" "indie-rock" kids in this video for me to outright initially express love... But somehow the precise amount of weirdness matches in both song and video.

And next up is "Take That" by Wiley & Chew Fu which has the craziest intro for a single I've heard in a long time.. on the verge of matching the insanity of the most abrasive singles from Alec Empire (and oddly enough one of the chicks in this video KINDA looks like the girl from Atari Teenage Riot). The only possibly turn-off about this song is that it's almost all intensity build-up, and I think less than half of this is actually the "song" part. The video is a simple enough concept, but the craaaazy nature of "Take That" somehow makes Wiley's 2 girlfriends look like how club girls look after dropping acid.

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