Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Fools Day America

Adult Swim played The Room last night in celebration of April Fools Day which is one of the most amazingly incredibly terrible movies I've ever seen in my life. (Technically I only watched about 30 minutes of it, but I'm pretty sure I got the jist.)

Speaking of "jist," April Fools Day is normally the day when Taste My Kids posts something about "Mister Jizz," because back in like 2001 or 2002, I thought it would be a funny joke to report that Mister Glue had changed its name to Mister Jizz, and then right afterward report that this was not an April Fools joke. Upon every passing year, I exponentially "get" the joke far less than the year before, and yet I still receive the urge to reference it in some form every year on April 1st. So there ya go.. I filled my quota.

I'm supposed to be at work but I'm using 2 hours of vacation time to enjoy the sunshine and write 150 words about Limp Bizkit, which I'm gonna do right now...

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