Sunday, September 13, 2015

new shit radar!! (09.13.15 edition)

The hottest jams. The freshest shit. We own this mothafucka.

New Trust Fund Video
Also we just learned that Trust Fund now includes members of Joanna Gruesome. Check out the new vid:

Solo Palberta Split
New shit featuring Nina Ryser (one-third of the art/noise/genius rock band Palberta).

Problem Dogg "Kicked Off Stage" After 14 Minutes
Noise sets of this type do not usually exceed 14 minutes so we're not exactly sure how this is a big deal, but judge for yourself:

Noisy Compiles Their Weirdest Vinyl Records of All Time
This list includes a record that emits an odor of shit when you start to play it, and a record of noises intended to get body juices and blood flowing in the direction of your breasts.

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