Wednesday, October 10, 2012

rock the vote 1996

we're huge clinton supporters. in fact, we all would have voted for him if any of us were US citizens. (die amerikaner sind schweine.)*

*not technically a joke from TV in 1996 but it fits.

#73 Failure "Stuck On You"

mellow drone. summer tic. slow mo sledgehammer

#72 Stone Temple Pilots "Ride The Cliche"

bowiezepeplennon trifecta culmination. pulling all the packages together. Bag the baggies. Trash the grungies.

#71 Aphex Twin "4"

Crack is positive when it leads to neck comfort. "richard d james is my antidrug" The very deep meaningful lyrics of "4" sound like the guy is saying "yep" except whoever's getting sampled was too lazy to close their mouth and so it ends up sounding like "yet."

#70 Lil Kim "Crush On You"

ok on the version posted here Lil Kim actually contributes raps. The one we're familiar with has no Lil Kim even though it's supposed to be her song. Happy to see this worked out for everyone.

#69 Spazz "Donger"

Skate through bees, nothing to see here people.

#68 Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)"

creepy mischievous vague. if you like girls and a girl bones you to this song you should buy her a dinner and flowers so that she can bone you to this song again.

#67 The Olivia Tremor Control "Jumping Fences"

stars are sinking. everybody's a suspect.

#66 Turbonegro "I Got Erection"

may or may not result in an exit on gigantic penis motorcycles.

#65 BlackSTREET featurning Dr. Dre "No Diggity"

Overalls were still hip in '96. Not-so-fun fanfic: Imagining Dr. Dre being a huge dick to BlackSTREET in the studio while asking them to sing the chorus for the 89th time. Fun outcome: No Diggity is fucking classic, so turns out he was right.

#64 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Wail"

The blues = #1

#63 Dr Octagon "Earth People"

We could probably write 10 paragraphs only analyzing the lyric "My 7XL is not yet invented" but this is neither the time nor the place. My number's 7097556EL3 computer file 93. Five colors: yellow black and red and green purple. (We were planning on saving this entry for "Real Raw" but we realized at the last minute it's only on the Dreamworks version of this album which wasn't released until '97! That was close.)

#62 Unwound "Unauthorized Biography"

"Bob Dole doesn't need this." - Unwound

#61 Failure "Pitiful"

We never actually timed it before, but turns out the fade-out on this is actually 9 minutes long.

#60 Atari Teenage Riot "Deutschland (Has Gotta Die)"

fuck all

#59 The Pharcyde "Drop"

'96 must have been the pinnacle of psychedelic hiphop. if you'd like to learn more about "Drop" why not check out the making of "drop"

#58 The Cardigans "Lovefool"

bipolar heartbreak tears disguised as giant smile. the last chord of this is still an alltime gut-stabber. (claire danes agrees, lol.) has anyone else noticed the tape warp on the US-version of this? strange that it was never fixed. also we never knew this song had two videos; we would've opted for the lesser known UK version but god it's so fucking awkward... whoever made them reshoot this made an excellent call.

#57 Chemical Brothers "Setting Sun"

X. as in E. you know like, MDMA?

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