Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lickity Slick Vid Clips 2012 #07: Nicki Minaj "Stupid Hoe"

We posted this on Super Bowl 2012 when "Nicki [finally] won us over." 10 months later, this seems like a distant memory. Apparently there was a time prior to "Stupid Hoe" when we weren't feeling her shit quite as hard.

Hype Williams always seems up for a challenge. This time around, he wisely contrasts the song's immense density with (seemingly) simple shots, each associated with a solid bright color. (Hype's video for "Crush On You" uses a similar motif, a strange coincidence since rumors speculate the lyrics of "Stupid Hoe" are pointed directly at Lil Kim. More like LOL Kim, am I right you guys?)

As for Nicki's performance in the video, she's still doing that thing where you wanna say "hey she actually looks kinda hot in this part," and then her face turns into the cover of eels' Beautiful Freak LP and that blue-balls feeling starts to settle in. (Ouch.) She also morphs into a lion (scary!) followed by the quick back-and-forth climax which may induce convulsions (yet strangely easier to watch than the instant-seizure pop video of the year).

Also there's a milli-second shot where she's holding a plastic container of cut-up pineapple which is cool because pineapple rules. Health-nut.

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