Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lickity Slick Vid Clips 2012 #8: Odd Future "Rella" / Odd Future "Oldie"

The "Rella" video seemed polarizing among OFWGKTA followers. Either way, it speaks volumes about how fucking bizarre these guys are (or at least how bizarre Tyler is, and how far the other members of the crew are willing to participate in his ideas). Hodgy's first verse nicely sets the tone as "indescribable," preparing us to follow around Domo Genesis for a minute or so as he slaps bitches across the face and robs children of their ice cream delight, until he sees his prized goal bitch: Tyler the Centaur. Will Domo slap the king bitch, or tumble back down the mountain? Edge-of-your-seat madness.

One month later, Odd Future wisely decided to neutralize this chaos with "Oldie," a seemingly spur-of-the-moment opportunity seizure (shot, edited and premiered all in the same day). It may be a while again before literally every crew member can all be present in the same place at the same time, especially considering that Frank Ocean's name now seems to be surpassing the Odd Future brand itself.

So the Terry Richardson photo session was unexpectedly taken hostage and coupled as a videoshoot, which is initially exciting in itself, but the individual performances and the party-vibe are what truly makes this one so special. They're human after all.

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