Monday, December 10, 2012

Lickity Slick Vid Clips 2012 (HM): Action Bronson: "Bird on a Wire" / Action Bronson "The Symbol"

Our 2nd Honorable Mention comes from Action Bronson. "Bird on a Wire" is notable since it's the first time we've been able to see how enormously huge this guy truly is, which makes him all the more amazing. In a year when Fat Joe and Jonah Hill both lost weight (fuckin sell outs), here comes fat fuck Action Bronson who does not give a FUCK, smoking blunts while walking down the street and eating ice cream, taking his time n shit. Who the fuck cares... You only go around once.

The video for "The Symbol" rules also... In fact, Bronson had a pretty consistent run of videos this year, including these 2 along with "Steve Wynn," "Hookers at the Point," "Hot Shots Part Deux," and a couple others. It's been years since we've seen such a consistently awesome run of videos from a single artist.

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