Monday, December 17, 2012

Lickity Slick Vid Clips 2012: More honorable mentions

For those who don't know, this isn't a strict Top 10, and some of the honorable mentions might actually be better than the videos that actually made the list, although the numbered Top 10 are the ones we have the most fun watching. However, these also rule...

Liars "Brats"
Strangely enough, this is exactly what we'd expect from Liars videos based on their album art (more so than previous Liars videos). We're pretty sure the hunter and anthropomorphic bunny are intended to emulate a couple famous cartoon icons, but we'll let you decide. Also bunny's weird human ass makes us kind of uncomfortable.

Frank Ocean "Pyramids"
Mostly included for the absinthe. Fancy Frank.

Ariel Pink "Only In My Dreams"
Looks EXACTLY like the type of thing that would randomly show up on MTV2 back in 1998. Part of us wants to say "this is the type of critique that only we would notice," although the VHS-nostalgia inserted at the beginning gives us a hint that this may be intentional.

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