Friday, December 30, 2016

Memba Vids 2016 #3: David Bowie "Lazarus"

Our entire top 3 is basically tied for #1. Within the past 24 hours, the 6 possibilities of their arrangement all made sense to us for one reason or another. We saw all three of them appear on other blogs "best video" picks, so we ultimately decided on the opposite order of how often they showed up.

One year ago when “Blackstar” appeared in Vid Kids 2015, we noted:

The “Blackstar” premiere actually lived up to its event-ness. In the parallel universe where MTV still shows videos and labels them with tags like "Breakthrough Video" and "Buzz Clip," this vid might have received a red carpet premiere not unlike GNR's "Estranged."

A year ago, it seemed unthinkable that MTV would pay any attention to past music legends. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, MTV surprisingly snuck “Lazarus” into their late-night video rotation (literally appearing between Drake and Weeknd videos). While it lost its 3 VMA noms to Beyonce (go figure), “Blackstar,” earned Bowie his final VMA win for Best Art Direction. We'd like to think his lifetime achievement would have earned him these same accolades even if he hadn’t passed away this year.

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