Thursday, December 29, 2016

Memba Vids 2016: The Vids Now Begin

Welcome to Member Vids 2016. Memba?

2016 presented a nice collection of vids. We rounded up some of our favorites and will present them to the people of the internet thusly.

Note: Much like in previous years, most of these songs do not appear anywhere on Lit Mix 2016. (We’re probably switching it to Lit Mix this year. Unless we change it to Suh Mix at the last minute.)

Here’s a couple quick stragglers before indulging the bonus:

Melkbelly “Elk Mountain”
We think there’s a linear story going on here - something involving a tyrannosaurus rex stealing someone’s landline phone. We detect a Lynch-ian blurring between dreamland and reality.

Stove “Stupidest”
Directed by the great Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. The crazy ass cat’s out of the bag again. Sure, the vegetable cart has it under control now, but how much longer before the cart turns its chopping skills back onto you?

Sad13 “Just a Friend”
Directed by (probably) Sadie Dupuis & Darl Ferm. Is that a Yard King? A quality barrow, right there. Sad13 had other full-length videos for Slugger, but the “Just A Friend” preview is still our favorite because of its subliminal ASMR shot - surprisingly underutilized within pop video world. Maybe this will become a thing in 2017.

Surface to Air Missive “The New Look”
“The New Look” does not appear on any S.A.M. album, mysteriously appearing on Youtube in late-July, smack between the promo cycles for their 2nd and 3rd albums. We like that Taylor maintains his tough stylishness even at the library and the drug store. Do not mess with this guy.

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