Friday, December 30, 2016

Ten Nice Unearthed Relics from 2016 Reissues

Youtube, we need you to rap:

[BONUS] The most disappointing unearthed relic from 2016 was probably Big Star's cover of T.Rex's "Baby Strange" which appeared on Big Star: Complete Third. When the tracklisting was announced with "Baby Strange," we had reasonably high expectations. Now we know better. The first 45 seconds of the track are silent and the rest doesn't sound as if they cared. IMO a lot of Complete Third shouldn't have been included on there, and this is a good example.

10. Odion Iruoje "Anogo / Giri"

Originally from 1983's Down To Earth LP.

9. The Trio (Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris & Linda Rondstadt) "Are You Tired Of Me?"

From The Complete Trio Collection.

8. Pink Floyd "Green Is The Colour" & "Careful with That Axe, Eugene" (Live BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969)

From The Early Years 1965 - 1972.
"Green Is The Colour" only:

7. The Rift Valley Brothers "Mucang'ang'o Ugiraga Mukindirio"

From Kenya Special, Vol. 2

6. Chris Weisman "The Hamburger Goal"

Originally from 2007's Trash Picture. Re-released on Trash Picture / August Demos.

5. Yoko Ono "Open Your Box"

Previously only available as a 7-inch edit on the b-side of Plastic Ono Band's "Power To The People" from 1971. A different 3-minute edit also appeared as "Hirake" on Fly, also from 1971. The 2016 re-release of Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band includes "Open Your Box" in its entirety.

4. Tad "Nuts N' Bolts"

From 8-Way Santa (Deluxe Edition).

3. Once "Joanna" / Joe Tossini and Friends "Wild Dream" / Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadian "Feeling Sheepish"

From 2013's Sky Girl comp, re-released by Efficient Space in 2016.
"Joanna" originally from 1981's The Hush:
"Wild Dream" originally from 1989's Lady Of Mine.
"Feeling Sheepish" originally the a-side from an out-of-print 1980 7-inch.

2. Queen "It's Late (BBC Session / October 28, 1977)"

From Queen On Air.

1. Heatmiser "Christian Brothers"

First surfaced on Soundcloud in 2013. From Heaven Adores You Soundtrack.

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