Thursday, December 29, 2016

Memba Vids 2016: Big Bad Bonus Vids

Memba Vids 2016 will now present to the internet our latest collection of bonus vids. These are still amazing vids that ended up on the chopping block separate from our hugely coveted Top 10.

Angel Olsen “Shut Up Kiss Me”
Driving around alone after midnight. Yea, we can relate. This was planned to appear in our "best vids" within weeks of its launch back in late-June. Unsurprisingly, it ended up on the "best video" lists of almost every big-money music blog. We're also unsurprised that "The label tried to fuck with her videos" became a clickbait headline on those exact same blogs, as if this were the first case in the history of music when a label tried to change an artist’s presentation in the interest of generating some quick hot cash.** Our favorite shots in this might be the underrated “slouching at the bar” sequence.

**In all fairness, record companies have actually been correct about this idea at a few points throughout history. The best example we can think of is Smashing Pumpkins. No one really paid attention to the "Cherub Rock" video, which premiered in July '93 a week or 2 prior to the release of Siamese Dream. Within a week of album release, their label immediately forced the band to shoot the "Today" video. By early September, "Today" became their true Buzz Clip breakthrough and the first Smashing Pumpkins song heard by millions. Thanks record label!

Gucci Mane “First Day Out Tha Feds”
This was the first time post-prison-Gucci presented himself to the world in HD video form, and we’re still in disbelief how his appearance changed between Spring Breakers (just 4 years ago) and today. Mom, look: There are 4 Guccis! With new teeth! He acknowledges his caps within the first 2 lines.

Rihanna “Needed Me”
Speaking of Spring Breakers, it’s refreshing to know Harmony Korine (who recently relocated from Nashville to Florida) is still flexing his slowmo promo skills. With such glorious cinematography, "Needed Me" had a very good shot to place Top 10, except for:
#1 Firm believers in "show, don't tell," we kinda hate the “gunshot” noises. Woulda been more effective if they were silent.
#2 The climax was kinda (dare we say) Anti-? The build to that ending is still pretty exciting though, as far as big-budget video moments are concerned.

Wolf Eyes “T.O.D.D.”
Another electrifyingly horrid Wolf Eyes jam soundtracks Charlie Rose interviewing some type of alien critter. Once upon a time, Charlie also briefly appeared in Wink’s "Simple Man" (from summer 1998, embedded below), so it’s great to see his return to weirdo vids like these.

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