Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vids Are Alright 2017 #2: N.E.R.D. f/ Future “1000”

Hopes are up for one more 3rd and final N*E*R*D video with Mette Towley mostly because we perceive "1000" as the apex of a trilogy - a rare example of a sequel that surpasses its Part One. If our suspicions prove correct, N*E*R*D can boast a spot among the all time classic video trilogies alongside GNR's Illusions trilogy with Stephanie Seymour and Aerosmith's Get A Grip clips with Alicia Silverstone. ("Lemon" premiered on Wednesday, Nov 1st while "1000" dropped exactly 5 weeks later. Yesterday, Wednesday Jan 10th, was exactly 5 weeks since "1000" and 10 weeks since "Lemon," so it would have been the best time to premiere this hypothetical Part Three. Keep hope alive.) We're also not typically fans of abrupt song disruption, but we'll make an exception for Mike Tyson.

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