Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Vids Are Alright 2017 #5: Danny Brown "Ain't It Funny" / Jay-Z “Moonlight”

The "purposely bad 3-minute sitcom" trope has run its course. These two examples are noteworthy for other reasons: "Ain't It Funny" begins with a logo from a phony Christian TV channel, which does not make any sense at all compared to the content of the hypothetical show. They got Gus Van Zant to act as the dad for some reason. But it's the griminess of the song that really sets the juxtaposition in motion. More of a short film than a music video, "Moonlight" frustratingly neglects to prioritize the song that it's supposed to be promoting. However, a shot-for-shot remake of Friends' title sequence blatantly illuminates the original version's nerdiness and embarrassing whiteness. And we kinda think Friends is the fucking worst, so thank you to all responsible parties.

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