Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vids Are Alright 2017 #3: Lil Yachty “Bring It Back” / Lil Yachty “Lady In Yellow”

If this keeps up, the kid's gonna have to change his name to Busy Boat Boy:

Lil Yachty's 2017 Videography
Jan 6 "Shoot Out The Roof"
Feb 17 "It Takes Two" (w/ CRJ)
Apr 7 "iSpy" (w/ KYLE)
Apr 14 "Peek A Boo"
May 4 "Bring It Back"
May 5 "From the D to the A" (w/ Tee Grizzley)
June 7 "Hip Hopper" (w/ Blac Youngsta)
June 23 "Dirty Mouth"
Aug 2 "Marmalade" (w/ Macklemore)
Aug 4 "Forever Young"
Sept 14 "Better"
Sept 27 "Lady In Yellow"
Oct 5 "On Me"
Oct 23 "Faking It" (w/ Kehlani & Calvin Harris)
Dec 19 "Ice Tray" (w/ Quavo)

Well damn, that is a lot of videos.

The nature of Lil Yachty's post-trap diversions seem to require the unexpectedly bizarre and almost psychedelic visual choices in "Bring It Back" and "Lady In Yellow." The former partially borrows from Wedding Singer nostalgia but includes distinctly 2010s absurdity including a sequence where he walks on and steps into plates of cake and Jell-o. A girl uses her cupped hand to scoop up a serving of whipped cream surprise. Yachty mugs for the camera. In the dream-like "Lady In Yellow," he appears in a kitchen full of condiments within its final few seconds, waking up abruptly after a girl reacts to something from off-camera that is never shown.

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