Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a website with no year-end list is not a real website

The numbers in our page-visits have dropped significantly within the past year or so. Oh well. What can ya do. Life happens.

We would have kept up on this better had life not happened. And it's not like life wasn't happening before, but so many things showed up all at once over the past 12 months that some things had to get dropped, albeit temporarily.

However, one thing that will probably never get dropped are Year-End-Lists.

There is no way in hell that our collective brains will ever be able to downshift and tap the breaks on our intense passion to answer the question "what the fuck would our hypothetical best-of-the-year look like?" We do not have the ability or the strength to withstand any thought other than "Year end lists are a life priority and if you seriously think this is going to be the first year since you were 11 without a year end list then you are a massive failure."

We simply can't NOT write up a massive year-end-list. Every fucking year we tell ourselves "don't do this next year." But then the end of the year shows up, and it's like "who the fuck are we kidding. This has to be done." And we don't feel like analyzing "why" either. There's so much happening right now that we don't have time to figure out why. Only do. Like Yoda. Or Nike. Just fucking do it. Get it done and over.

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