Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vid Kids 2014 #2: M.I.A. & The Partysquad “Dubble Bubble Trouble”

Dude, first and foremost, any claim that regards M.I.A. as anything other than a genius is now no longer relevant since she has officially "gone there." Not because of the brilliance of incorporating 3D-printer-created guns in her video, but because she's the first to realize the power of sampling Shampoo's 1994 minor-hit "Trouble" pulled from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers soundtrack CD. Let's not even get into the warped half-faces printed on the burkas, or the teen make-out hallway party, or what can only be described as LSD-influenced flashes of joy and wonder. Okay, we should probably stop there before giving away too much. Edit: Also puppies.

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