Friday, December 26, 2014

Vid Kids 2014: Bonus vids

Vid Kids is proud to present our Bonus vids. These are the ones we nominated for the Top 10 that missed out completely but bonus is still cool n stuff.

Tony Molina "Don't Come Back"
Tony Molina was able to fit more than 1 quick song into his video. So he actually threw a bonus into the bonus. We like when those guys in the background have their own secret parties unbeknownst to Tony Molina. We probably also did burrito-on-the-beach once, but we can't remember.

TV On The Radio "Happy Idiot"
Paul Reubens has still never shaken himself clear of his compelling awkwardness, which usually shines through when he tries to do anything other than Peewee.

Guided By Voices "Bad Love is Easy to Do"
This reminded us of Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube" while also kinda sadly foreshadowing Pollard and Sprout's IRL split a few months later.

Action Bronson "Easy Rider"
Dependable PCP fights.

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