Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vid Kids 2014 #3: Thundercat "Tron Song" / Mr. Oizo "HAM"

Whoa, two many Erics. We had no other choice but to tie these up due to the E.Andre/E.Wareheim connection (both associated with Abso Lutely Productions). And of course who could forget Flat Eric, the star of what was once called our 20th favorite video of all time??

It may be difficult to ignore the intensity of "Tron Song's" juxtaposition. The song's chill atmosphere - nearly comparable to that of Chris Weisman or possibly a similar NNA artist - strangely works alongside the relatively extreme images typically associated with Andre's penchant for removing all oxygen from our brains due to excessive belly laughs. Plus, there's so many little details that only reveal themselves after the 10th time. Cod liver oil? Upside down bass? Fireplace on TV? And even though we've now seen this about 10 times, the post-song outro still kills us.

Wareheim recently contributed his acting skills to the Oizo-directed Wrong Cops, one of our favorite movies of 2014. And just over this past month, Eric returned the favor by not only directing Mr. Oizo's latest video, but getting John C. Reilly himself to star. As much as we're usually weirded out by the expression "icing on the cake," we're kinda lost for any other way to describe the happiness received from the Flat Eric references. Weirdo-dark lmao ending. (Perhaps some context can be shed here... We just noticed in the video description that this is an excerpt from something called Rubberhead. We may have to check this out soon.)

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