Friday, December 26, 2014

EOY AYO EYE (Vid Kids 2014 starts now.)

Okay we're gonna start the EOY shit now.

Yeah so we did a videos list.

A note: Only two of the songs within this post or among the "Bonus" videos, Honorable mentions or Top 10 are redundant with Hot Mix 2014. So in case anyone was wondering if the videos list is spoiling shit, the answer is "no."

We didn't do a videos list last year, and so we'll post Beach House's "Wishes" here now because it would have made the list last year if we weren't so got damn fuckin' lazy.

And a couple others straglers that also weren't good enough. For shame.

At least Mr. Pink bothered to put a bulldog in his video. So he gets mentioned here. We like the creepy faces.

As for good ol' Mac, we like the first 40 seconds of this video a lot, but then the rest is just like "uhhhh" "ehhh."

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