Saturday, July 23, 2011

B&B Preview

On Thursday, Mike Judge was at that Comic-Con thing in NYC where he hosted a panel speaking about "the return of Beavis & Butthead," and we're guessing they showed the video that's posted below... We'll put our commentary beneath so there's no spoiler risk......

And here it comes, the inevitable "my opinion matters" bullshit...
  • Upon the first viewing, it appears to be a surprisingly dense 5-minutes, although no more than some of the more adventurous late-series episodes, I guess...
  • The animation is at about the same level as in Beavis And Butthead Do America, which is certainly a step in quality past what B&B received in their last season on MTV. However, in the past, it was normally a show that benefited from charmingly poor production value. At least in this one instance, it shockingly worked, and we're definitely surprised and happy that Mike Judge's perfectionism is being put to good use.
  • Their voices are VERY different, and almost distractingly so... although halfway through the clip, when Beavis says "hey how's it goin," it somehow brought it right back as if they had never left, which is exactly what the fans want.
  • Wikipedia had previously noted that Daria's voice was not asked to return for the new episodes, leading some to believe that the old characters may not be coming back. However, seeing some new adventures with Stuart for the first time in 14 years (even though he doesn't say anything) is some of the best news that could have come out of this.
  • For some reason, MTV seems to really be pushing this idea that they'll be watching Jersey Shore in at least one episode, as if this is the big selling point to what will really get kids into watching... In fact, I've yet to see a single news article regarding their "return" that doesn't also mention Jersey Shore. Once we move past the first few episodes, it will be nice to finally get that particular commentary out of the way.
  • We're assuming the show will be on 5-days-a-week again, although with the way MTV loves to ruin everything, we could totally see them bringing the show back as a weekly thing. (And there's no way in hell there won't be several ads shown during the VMA's... The commercials are only going to get more and more persistent from this point forward, so just a warning...)
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