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GLU "3D" & "Secrets"

3D (EP)
1998 (2011 reissue)

1. GLU - Mister Gerbik (4:48)
2. GLU - Mean Bitch (1:29)
3. GLU - Satan: Worship Me (1:07)
4. GLU - Know Your Rights (2:08)
5. GLU - Cool Guy (1:26)
6. GLU - Fastazz (1:06)
7. GLU - Jews R People 2 (Remix) (1:46)
8. GLU - Titanic (1:43)
9. GLU - Accord (Bongymania Remix) (2:59)
10. GLU - Friends (Remix) (0:48)

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Secrets (1998-2000)
2011 compilation

1. GLU - Have a Banana 4 Breakfast! (0:51)
2. GLU - Hangin' With My Homies (4:12)
3. GLU - Mother (featuring G-Spot) (Hey Mom Remix) (2:42)
4. GLU - Ash Wednesday (0:31)
5. GLU - Electric Zelda (2:24)
6. GLU - Ma Woman (0:50)
7. GLU - Porno: NY (1:37)
8. GLU - Swing Easy (featuring Dowcet) (0:32)
9. GLU - Phatass (0:42)
10. GLU - Boo Foo (remix) (0:09)
11. GLU - Reading Rainbow (5:04)
12. GLU - Look Out Darth Vader (2:48)
13. GLU - French (1:03)
14. GLU - Know Your Rights 2000 (1:24)
15. GLU - Wow (3:01)
16. GLU - Two Large Dildos (3:54)

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3D got its title from the 3 members of GLU, who used the names Dirk, Dick and Duke to protect their anonymity. All of the songs on 3D were recorded ENTIRELY using samples recorded and pasted into Windows Sound Recorder (and this is back in 1998 when it was a decently minimal program).. The concept was to create "evil" sounding electronic music, mostly based around dance beats, which ends up sounding more funny than evil as a result of the minimal production value. Some creativity and imagination was involved in order to produce the individual samples.. For example in "Satan: Worship Me," the side of a CD jewel-case is scratched with a fingernail to simulate record-scratching. Beat boxing noises are individually sampled for "Titanic."

There were 2 versions of 3D: #1 was a 9-song demo tape. #2 was a 16-song cassette-only EP. Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 appeared on both. "Jews R People 2" and "Accord" also appeared on both, but for this reissue we've instead included the more complete "remixes" which were only on the EP version. "Mister Gerbik" is the original first song on the EP and has been included here also. (The files for the other 6 songs are currently lost for whatever reason, which includes the demos of "Fastazz" and "Accord," two versions of "Anal Sax," "Chuggin' Dick's Sax Remix" which was a remix of Z-Rock Hawaii, and "Universal Parallels" which sampled Portishead.)

Secrets (1998-2000) is a collection of GLU's singles and other projects mostly recorded by Dick using programs other than Windows Sound Recorder. In fact, the last 6 songs (all from 2000) were Dick on his own, just prior to when he started using the name Stu Wanker. "Electric Zelda," "Porno: NY" and "Swing Easy" are all group efforts from 1999. "Ash Wednesday" and "Boo Foo" are experimental bits recorded by Duke in 1996 but have been included here as they were eventually adopted as GLU tracks. A drunken voicemail from Dirk appears in "Hangin' With My Homies." A Pink Floyd cover recorded by Dirk and Duke (as G-Spot, using the names G-Zuz and G-Niuz) were sampled for "Mother (Hey Mom Remix)." (One remaining track titled "Cure Song" was also lost for whatever reason, which sampled 3 or 4 songs by The Cure.)

Download "3D"

Download "Secrets (1998-2000)"

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  1. Dowcet here... I'm so glad I found this... I was afraid the brilliance of "Reading Rainbow" was lost to the ages!