Thursday, July 21, 2011

vma's news: tyler, beasties & rebecca black

Tyler The Creator is planning on tweeting for a week straight about how excited he is to be nominated for Video Of The Year and Best New Artist, neither of which he'll win (except possibly Best New Artist) in a 3 hour long commercial for Taco Bell and Nike that will be on MTV sometime in September and will be featuring lots of famous female celebrities making awful jokes about their titties and stupid people hopelessly making a huge effort to simulate fun in an environment that is probably the most businesslike and profit-minded out of anything else on television, effectively sucking every last ounce of creativity from the minds of most young people who claim to be music fans and instead focusing on the association of music = celebrity and music = profit.

Why would Tyler care so much about this? Well anyway, he does.. and there's a website called Odd Future Talk where someone wrote about it..

That awful Beastie Boys thing got nominated also, which we are NOT happy about... At Sundance earlier this year, I had to sit through the 25-minute version of the video that got nominated for Best Video, and it's probably the worst movie I've seen in 2011 so far. I'm not surprised it's nominated, since it exists pretty much only for MTV to suck its dick, as it places more emphasis on "celebrity" and "how many famous faces can you spot?" and that's literally the only theme of the entire video. Although it's entirely possible that a 4-5 minute short-form edit might be bearable.. It's called "Make Some Noise" and in all fairness, it's also their best song since "Intergalactic."

It's also a bummer week for Rebecca Black.. No VMA nominations for "Friday" which has also been removed from Youtube, and her brand new and completely devoid-of-fun-fun-fun sophomore-slump-video is a fucking bumout. "My Moment." Oh please... It could have been ANYONE's moment. You just got lucky that Ark gave you their funniest song and video, and that your friends all happen to be incredibly awkward. THAT's why your famous... You sing just as well as millions of other kids. Ya just don't get it.

We are mostly upset that she didn't put all of the same extras in her 2nd video. And she never once mentions the words "fun" or "party." She was supposed to be the female Andrew WK. But now I guess Ke$ha wears that crown for life..

However, the 8-minute video where Rebecca plays Katy Perry's best friend was nominated for Best Pop (or something), so she will probably be making a really lame VMA's appearance at some point, and will have really awful jokes to coincide with the unfortunate end of her 15-minutes-of-fame.

In related news, "Trouble On My Mind" by Pusha T featuring Tyler The Creator is finally on Youtube... We're posting it but haven't watched it yet, so for all we know this might be terrible...

And here's "She" which probably should've been nominated instead of "Yonkers..."

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