Friday, July 29, 2011

Bullshit Tracklisting For 4-Disc Nevermind Boxed-Set Revealed / Stereogum Praises God-Awful Weezer Covers

Lots of big news lately... Not all of it is good. Here, we have two frustrating stories, both pulled from Stereogum...

First, they've revealed the Nevermind boxed-set's tracklisting... Let's take a look, shall we...

Disc One: Nevermind minus "Endless Nameless" and the "B-sides" included out of order at the very end. By the way, "Endless Nameless" was a b-side on the "Come As You Are" single, and its exclusion is fucking absurd.

Disc Two: Tracks 1-8, "The Smart Studio Sessions." Okay, fine.. at least once of these "sessions" can be allowed... Three of the eight songs are not redundant with anything that's appeared so far. However, this is immediately followed by tracks 9-16, "The Boombox Rehearsals," aka 8 awful quality demos of Nevermind tracks which NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR EVER. This is followed by the BBC versions of "Drain You" and "Something In The Way." Fine.

Disc Three: The Devonshire Mixes. The entire Nevermind album AGAIN mixed differently!? FUCK YOU COURTNEY.

Disc Four: A live concert from 1991. LAME. Live At Reading just came out not even 12 months ago. Completely unnecessary. Complete waste of money. Complete waste of an enormous opportunity to present fans with something other than the usual "acoustic bedroom demo" bullshit. Enough already.

So once again, we come to a point when we need to consider the "Make Your Own Nirvana Boxed Set" option, which will probably end up happening sometime soon... Heck, we might even post it right here.

Meanwhile, Stereogum also posted Weezer's 30 Best Cover Songs, and it didn't include "Velouria" at #1, so right there you know these dudes have no idea what they're talking about... Instead it placed at #9, while the extreme vomit pile "Un-Break My Heart" surpassed it at #3.

P.S. None of the six Nirvana covers from Weezer's "Goat Punishment" set made the cut, which was one of the best shows Weezer ever played. Adding fuel to the fire, the writer states: I also included only one song from the band’s poorly bootlegged Nirvana covers set as Goat Punishment many years ago. Well that's all fine and good except "Sliver" was not played at that show. This handy little internet secret called "Google" brought up the setlist in approximately 0.17 seconds: Swap Meet, Aneurysm, Breed, Floyd the Barber, Blew and Dive. Google is your friend. Use it. Embrace it.

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