Monday, July 11, 2011

The Vomit Of 1998

The fans have been asking for some info on the worst period of the 90's, since we've been praising them so much lately. Many kids walk around these days with a romantic rose-colored-glasses perception, thinking back on the 90's the same way the assholes who comment on Youtube videos think about any given video.. "This is back when music was real." "Like this comment if y'all feelin' this is better than dat Justin Bieber shit." "This is when hiphop was real. Fuck dat Lil Wayne nigga."

Okay, well for those who might correctly remember, the first half of 1998 was probably the most depressing period in the history of modern rock radio.. For whatever reason, radio programmers and music critics started this perception that the public was tired of awesome rock music in the style of Nirvana and The Pixies, and this started toward the end of 1996 with the low point being Rolling Stone infamously claiming Pinkerton to be the worst album of that year. If you travel to Allmusic, they only just recently raised their 2-star review of Failure's Fantastic Planet to a meager 2-and-a-half star rating, keeping the review intact. As a result of similar instances, the tail-end of 1997 was when 120 Minutes started heavily promoting acts that were specifically marketed to eventually end up on VH1's heavy rotation 4 months later, and KROQ started treating many of these acts as the alt-rock of the future (ie Eagle Eye Cherry, Fastball, Semisonic, Natalie Imbruglia, and yes, Matchbox 20 started out on 120 Minutes as well..) instead of paying attention to brilliant records from Hum, Local H, Sloan, Deftones, Cornershop, Cardigans, Supergrass, Elliott Smith, and probably 20 or so others which easily could have fit on their playlists. Instead, by the time 1998 was over, there was so much wussy VH1 crap filling the KROQ airwaves that the kids demand for louder rock had no other choice but to be filled by the sudden demand to hear more music from Korn, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock, and of course Creed debuted in '98 as well.... The rest is history, and now modern rock radio in its current state is in some serious-ass unrecoverable disarray. It's amazing that KROQ is still considered profitable, honestly.

Here are the worst songs from the worst year of the 90's....

22 Alanis Morissette "Thank U"
21 Sprung Monkey "Get 'Em Outta Here"
20 Spice Girls "Goodbye"
19 Sixpence None The Richer "Kiss Me"
18 Liz Phair "Polyester Bride"
17 Pearl Jam "Wishlist"
16 Metallica "The Unforgiven II"
15 Smash Mouth "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby"
14 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy "You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight"
13 The Brian Setzer Orchestra "Jump Jive An' Wail"
12 Dave Matthews Band "Don't Drink The Water"
11 Smash Mouth "Why Can't We Be Friends"
10 Barenaked Ladies "One Week"
09 The Offspring "Pretty Fly For A White Guy"
08 Puff Daddy "It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix)"
07 Garth Brooks "Two Pina Colladas"
06 Rob Zombie "Dragula"
05 Will Smith "Just The Two Of Us"
04 Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page "Come With Me"
03 Eric Clapton "My Father's Eyes"
02 Phil Collins "True Colors"
01 Shawn Mullins "Lullaby"

By the end of '98 the only Creed songs on the radio were "Torn," "My Own Prison" and "What's this Life For," which are not their worst songs, which is why Creed does not appear here.

And here's a few songs that people continue to occasionally defend, for one reason or another, despite that they're horrendously awful....
2Pac "Changes"
Beastie Boys "Body Movin'"
Cake "Sheep Go To Heaven"
Everclear "Everything To Everyone"
Everclear "Father Of Mine"
Everclear "I Will Buy You A New Life"
Faith Hill "This Kiss"
Goo Goo Dolls "Slide"
Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"
Metallica "Fuel"

Why the fuck do people like Everclear? Can someone please explain?

We may include more updates on 90's vomit within the coming weeks...

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