Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ovlov "What's So Great About The City"

What's So Great About The City (EP/Single)

1. ovlov - The Valley (2:10)
2. ovlov - The City (3:07)
3. ovlov - What Comes Next? (2:24)
4. ovlov - I Got Well (3:25)

Not sure why we didn't post this sooner... Probably because we wanted to wait before deciding on whether to post the new Ovlov on mediafire, but in this case it's not really necessary... So here we've embedded the Bandcamp link for Ovlov's big new 7-11 release (purposely leaked by the band on 7/11/11), complete with a "pay as you want" download link... Here's some quick commentary....

  • No confirmation exists as to whether the 4 songs comprise a story (as possibly an easier-to-swallow approach to a concept album) although the songs (and album art) seem to be connected by common themes, musically, lyrically and production-wise...
  • The songwriting definitely presents a progression from 2009's impressive Crazy Motorcycle Jump EP, still maintaining abundant Pixies-influence, although on What's So Great About The City, the previous hints of Weezer have been replaced by Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins and hints of shoegaze, especially on the EP's title track, "The City."
  • We're hoping for more Ovlov releases within the coming months since we know they have a loaded arsenal of fresh rock ready to launch at any time.
  • Pulled from our review of their first EP, this is the best description of Ovlov we could pull together: Throw this on with some buds and reenact the "1979" video. It will make your summer that much more complete.

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