Friday, July 1, 2011

T.Scene update

For those keeping track (which is almost certainly zero people), the Interface comp now completes every recording we have for the bands Jay and Luke formed between 1994 and 1999...

The All American Rap Band can be heard on Trumbull Scene: The Big Hits and were also responsible for the music in this clip...

NTT was next, which stood for either Nipple Touch Tip or Nipple Touch Tit. After that was the first version of The Elite which is remembered by us for the song "Rotten To The Core" (never recorded unfortunately) and the 2nd version of The Elite had a song called "Frozen Hotdogs." Interface came soon after that and was their inevitable punk rock group, which much later lead to the formation of Bernie and Hoveral.

Between Interface and Bernie, Jay and Mike ended up focusing on their electronic music project GLU with John B. A complete collection of GLU's recordings should be the next t.scene release coming within the next few days.

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