Friday, July 1, 2011

Interface "Interface: 1998"

Interface: 1998
2011 compilation

1. Interface - Bleachead 1 (0:15)
2. Interface - I Wanna Be Your Dog (2:40)
3. Interface - No Vision (2:59)
4. Interface - Bleachead 2 (2:34)
5. Interface - The Passenger (2:55)
6. Interface - Stepping Stone (2:18)
7. Interface - Substitute (2:51)
8. Interface - We're So Pretty (interlude) (0:40)
9. Interface - Pretty Vacant (2:18)
10. Interface - My Generation (2:20)

In light of recent events, T.Scene has been inspired to uncover Interface's practice tapes recorded between November 1997 and June 1998, in remembrance of their guitarist Brian M. We sadly have just recently learned of Brian passing away which happened in April of this year. The lineup of Interface was Brian M on guitar, Luke F on bass, Jay W on rhythm guitar and percussion, Mike F on drums. All 4 band members sang lead at some point. Neil B was also intended to be their permanent lead singer but became unavailable after 1 practice. Their original song "Homeless Lovin'" was recorded with Neil on a tape that was lost soon afterwards. Their remaining originals were two instrumentals, both called "Bleachead," and "No Vision," which was also interpreted by 3 of the 4 band members a year later in Bernie. Aside from those, this comp includes 2 Iggy Pop covers, 2 Who covers, and 2 Sex Pistols covers (or Sex Pistols covering The Monkees, whatever you wanna call it)... As this tape was never intended for any official release, the title "Interface: 1998" was chosen to give the collection more of an endearing "time capsule" quality.

Here's the download link:

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