Thursday, July 28, 2011

South Park is not ending / Beavis update

Unemployment is amazing. Recommended to anyone.

Somehow, this turned into a semi-big news story - South Park Renewed for Two More Seasons Through 2013 - probably because everyone thought it was ending. The world is remaining hopeful that Trey and Matt can pick up some momentum in the joke-writing department, as there were only 2 or 3 good episodes among the last 7. The more recent versions of the standard (and beloved) "Randy goes crazy," "Cartman plans to take over the world" or "Butters is naive" episodes may be losing some steam... The last season suggests they've pushed those ideas to their limit, proven with characters uttering "shit" and "fuck" more often than ever. The super-depressing and amazing mid-series-finale from last May seemed to suggest they'll be moving in some different directions... Maybe this will be a good thing...

Also we won't be embedding a video of the Mike Judge interview from Comic-Con, but here's the link:

His justification for B&B's expanding beyond watching videos is pretty solid... They were watching MTV in the 90's, and now they're still watching MTV. Plus, Judge is a huge Jersey Shore fan, which suggests they'll be watching it in more than 1 episode. Music videos will be shown as well, but we're concerned that it will consist of only multi-million sellers like Lady Gaga and Bieber, whereas 90's B&B provided commentary on the million-sellers of the day (TLC/Coolio/Green Day/etc) alongside Flaming Lips, Ween and Dead Milkmen, exposing those bands to kids and helping them sell records in the process... Perhaps those days are over. There's 14 years worth of un-commented music videos which could have provided some outstanding joke opportunities, and it might have been great to see them rocking out to something like No Age or Tyler The Creator... (No Age could use the promotion.)

More Judge interview:

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