Saturday, July 9, 2011

One clip from "Kids Like You" is on Youtube

For those not in the know, Kids Like You is one of our favorite shows that's ever been on TV. It was discovered by a few of our associates on Trinity Broadcasting Network some time around early 1996 when we were in high school. Our parents were not happy that we were laughing at a Christian show, but how could you not laugh at this thing...

Its appeal was its incredibly low budget.. I would be very surprised if more than $10 was spent per episode.. It was taped on video, and they used the same ugly puppets in every episode (although to their credit, they must have had a lot of puppets). The script to the puppet segments was entirely ad libbed, and they seemed to use first takes of everything. So they're pretty much the Christian children show equivalent to Lowt Ide.

I think late 2005 must have been the last time this was shown on TBN, and since then we've been searching for some kind of DVD boxed set which may sadly never be made. However, we did find this one Youtube clip, posted several years ago by a video blog called Third Chair Trombone and later commented on again by Conblogeration.

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